2020 Clean Water Bill

Delaware's State Capitol

New Clean Water Legislation in 2020

The January 2020 Clean Water proposal from Governor Carney, Representative Longhurst, Senator McBride, and Senator Townsend would create a Clean Water Trust account, grant funding for low-income and underserved communities, and require an annual comprehensive Clean Water Report and Strategic Plan. The Clean Trust Legislation replaces HB 200 as a substitute bill (HS 1 for HB 200).

To fund this work, Governor Carney proposed to include $50 million for clean water funding in Delaware’s FY 2021 Bond Bill. This funding would sustain itself in the Clean Water Trust account through State Revolving Funds. A revolving fund receives an initial investment from the state or federal government, but then continues to receive funding through interest on loans it provides. This money could leverage as much as $80 million in total financing and support more than 800 direct and indirect jobs per year.

Funds could specifically fund projects that:

      • Improve flooding resiliency and drainage in our most flood-prone communities;
      • Repair failing sewer pipes/ sewer systems;
      • Improve the quality of our drinking water & expand access to safe drinking water;
      • Remove legacy pollution from our waterways;
      • Conservation funding for the agricultural community.

 To secure the funding; two bills must pass (House Substitute for HB 200 to enable the Clean Water Trust and the annual Bond Bill which includes the $50 million in funding).  Keep an eye on your inbox for news about next steps for the bills and for additional resources on the Clean Water for Delaware Act.