HB 200

Delaware's State Capitol



HB 200, the Clean Water for Delaware Act, provides $25 million per year in dedicated funding for water quality improvement and flood reduction projects in Delaware. HB 200 prioritizes projects that utilize natural solutions (or “green infrastructure”) to improve water quality and/or benefit traditionally underserved communities. It will also expand the state’s testing of drinking water for harmful pollutants.

The funding could also leverage as much as $50 million in total financing annually for clean water investments and support more than 800 direct and indirect jobs per year.

Funds earmarked in HB 200 would specifically be used for projects that:

  • Improve flooding resiliency and drainage in our most flood-prone communities;
  • Repair failing sewer pipes/ sewer systems;
  • Improve the quality of our drinking water & expand access to safe drinking water;
  • Remove legacy pollution from our waterways;
  • Provide conservation cost-share funds for the agriculture community.

The bill was passed unanimously by the House Natural Resources Committee on June 5, 2019 but has a long path to become law. The bill must next be heard by the House Appropriations Committee, and if passed out of committee, voted on by the House before it is sent over to the Senate for consideration. Meanwhile, Governor Carney and his administration have voiced opposition to the bill, which has slowed down the legislative process. 

Contact Governor Carney to let him know you support the bill and urge him to either support HB 200 or find another sustainable clean water funding solution that he will support, 

  • Click here to see a full copy of the bill.
  • Click here to find talking points  for you to tailor when you contact legislators or Governor Carney!